Residential Solar

Harnessing the power of the sun

Residential Solar Power is no longer an experimental technology and it’s evolved to be more than the Solar Hot water systems that have graced Perth rooftops for decades. If you have been wondering if a Residential Solar Package could be suitable for your home then you have come to the right place. The NOW Solar team are here to help answer all your questions and find the right solar panel set up for your requirements.

We have a range of different packages to suit your needs and household requirements. We have all your Solar Power needs covered. Of course you are bound to have some questions so follow the links to get more information on the package you think will best suit your needs or keep reading below as we answer some questions. If you are unsure of what system you need then simply give NOW Solar a call or fill out the quote form to get started. …it’s that easy!

Why Perth should be the leading Solar City in Australia?

Perth is one of Australia’s sunniest cities in one of the sunniest states – Western Australia. On average, Perth has 9 hours of bright sunshine per day which adds up to 3212 hours per year and that’s a huge untapped resource. Because our power bills are soaring, more Perth homeowners are opting for the clean, efficient and cost effective power solution that solar panels offer.

How Does Solar Power work?

There are two types of Solar energy:

Solar Hot Water Systems use heat transference where solar collectors (flat panels or evacuated tubes on the roof) absorb energy from the sun to heat water for your home or pool. This technology can also be used to heat large spaces.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are more sophisticated. Generally fitted on north facing roofs of homes and businesses to generate clean electricity by converting the energy in sunlight to power. Although they can operate as a stand-alone power source, in most cases, solar panels are connected to the mains power supply by an inverter. During the day, surplus electricity is fed back into the main grid, while at night, when the panels are not producing electricity, power is drawn from the grid.

The Benefits of Solar.

Solar is a sensible choice for so many reasons. By harnessing the power of the sun you are:

  • Generating clean, green power with no nasty emissions (smaller environmental footprint)
  • Investing in technology that is sustainable, silent and low maintenance (smart technology)
  • Getting a good return on investment (lower power bills or even a rebate cheque)

Who are NOW Solar?

With over 20 years experience in the industry in Perth, NOW Solar is a Western Australian owned and operated company which has earned a track record for delivering the very best solar energy management products and excellent customer service. We work with our customers to design and install systems which incorporate state of the art technology, while keeping their current and future needs in mind.

The NOW Solar difference.

NOW Solar guarantee that we will never outsource our services – we design and install your system and provide a 24 hour after sales response and resolution service.
If you are considering investing in solar energy to secure your future power source, give us a call today for expert, obligation-free advice.